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ADLOQ Logistics provides transportation service in Germany and among European countries. Our Know-how in local and international fields and proficiency in custom operations leads an uninterrupted and a problem-free transportation.

Different ranges of vehicles (varying from trucks with a loading capacity of 40 ton to vehicle lifts with a carriage capacity of 7, 5 ton) are provided in order to offer much more flexible solutions for you. Moreover small packages can be distributed in Germany with our pickups.

Our drivers are always trained. For example drivers can store your products in your warehouse by driving order-picking trucks.

For an optimal supply chain management, not just deliveries to your customers but also returns from your customers are very important. (These returns may be caused by damaged product or package etc.) Reverse Logistics provided by ADLOQ Logistics guarantees the customers a very good product quality control, product classification, reparation of products and packages and transportation of goods to suppliers, manufacturers or other defined recipients.

Moreover we offer to demolish their waste product according to European laws, by paying attention to protection of data privacy.